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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Computer Networking A Top-Down Approach 6th Edition PDF Download

This Computer Networking A Top-Down Approach 6th Edition by James Kurose and publisher : Pearson, continues with an early emphasis on utility-layer paradigms and utility programming interfaces (the top layer), encouraging a palms-on expertise with protocols and networking ideas, earlier than working down the protocol stack to extra abstract layers.

This textbook has change into the dominant book for this course due to the authors’ reputations, the precision of explanation, the quality of the artwork program, and the value of their own supplements.

Little question this is an excellent book for academics. There are thorough subjects with detailed explanations. First some negatives before I go onto positives. Shortly glancing at the content, there usually are not many diagrams. I would have preferred lot of diagrams.  .

The hardcover was nearly torn on arrival and after at some point the exhausting cover got here out from the book. I'd have most well-liked a barely larger font/better quality. I have a feeling the publishers are specializing in digital format greater than ever. Maybe iPad/Kindle editions are better.

An important facet to this guide are the exercises. A few of the best problems in any networking guide are discovered in this book. It instills the readers a eager curiosity to think and ponder over issues. Problems and good workout routines make a book ultimately. Group examine/class discussions can profit a lot for instructors. General my recommendation is this is a excellent for academics.  

Customer Opinions

This book has excellent breadth, and covers the vast area of networking well. It is not intended to cover any particular part of networking in great depth, and in keeping with this goal, does not concentrate excessively on any topic... By darkprince117

Since computer networking is still not a very well developed field- there are still a lot of things that are still developing (such as software-defined networking, video-streaming applications, P2P networks, new TCP congestion policies, and new routing algorithms.....). This textbook tries to cover as many topics as possible- but not in enough depth- just like a bunch of research papers putting together into one book and maybe try to make them correlate them with each other... By Jason

About the Writer

James Kurose teaches at the University of Massachusetts at Amherst. His analysis interests embody network protocols and structure, community measurement, sensor networks, multimedia communication, and modeling and efficiency evaluation. He obtained his PhD from Columbia University.

Keith Ross is a professor of laptop science at Polytechnic University. He has labored in peer-to-peer networking, website online measurement, video streaming, Internet caching, multi-service loss networks, content distribution networks, voice over IP, optimization, queuing idea, optimum control of queues, and Markov decision processes. Professor Ross obtained his PhD in Computer and Control Engineering from the University of Michigan.

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